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Line 85: Line 85:
 Opt.Nslices = 34 Opt.Nslices = 34
 Opt.PhysFS = 100 Opt.PhysFS = 100
 +Opt.SliceOrder = '​alt+z'​
 +%please choose the correct order if not running interleaved:​ **'​alt+z'​**/'​alt-z'/'​seq+z'/'​seq-z'​
 RetroTS(Opt) RetroTS(Opt)
Line 111: Line 113:
-===== FSL Feat ===== 
-We've gotten the FSL beta functions for physiological correction, which we'll test. 
-They are based on the same algorithms used in afni with retroicor. ​ Once things are functioning,​ they'​ll be installed on the cluster. 
-More information can be seen here: 
-The beta options will allow you to plug in the resulting regressors directly into Feat.  After pre-processing you can use the **res4d.nii.gz** files for further analysis ( filtered_func_data would not have the physio regressor removed ). 
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