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…or really smart people that just have never worked in this type of system

                 The BIAC cluster, Hugin, is a Linux base processor put in place to analyze any type of data.  You will work on Hugin though a terminal window by writing commands one
                 line at a time.  In order to set up access to Hugin on your computer, you need to be behind the firewall.  Being at BIAC or on "Diamonds" or "Clubs" puts you
                 behind this firewall.
                           First, you will need X-Win.  On BIAC computers, X-Win comes standard but it can also be downloaded through OIT’s website 
                           here (select “Browse and order software”).
                           You will also need a cluster account. Please send an email to requesting a cluster account.
                           Include your BIAC Windows username in the email (see

On an interactive node Cd findexp

Command lines ls ls -ltr mkdir cd .. Tab to complete Gedit . nedit

Commenting out

& bash rm Up arrow cp qdel qstatall Blue “directories” are equivalent to folders, “cd”ing is like double clicking Getting files from munin onto hugin, and mounting experiments? Findexp Print from terminal window

Data Analysis

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