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 +===== How to Display Graphics from Golgi using X-Win32 on Windows =====
 +Golgi, like most Linux and UNIX systems, uses a graphical windowing system called X11 to display graphics and graphical user interfaces. To allow golgi to display graphics on your workstation,​ the workstation needs to be running software called an "X Server"​. Each of the Windows workstations at BIAC has the StarNet X-Win32 X Server installed to allow you to use Golgi. The topics for this HOWTO are:
 +    * [[biac:​display_graphics:​Setting up a dummy X-Win32 session]]
 +    * [[biac:​display_graphics:​Configuring X-Win32]]
 +    * [[biac:​display_graphics:​Connecting to Golgi with graphics]]
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