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HDMI Video Switcher

The video AND audio connections between the computers, dvd player, monitors, 3D LCD at each scanner pass through a software-controllable video switching box. The box is located in the rack that contains the 2 stimulus control PC's in the scanner equipment room.

Currently at BIAC6 the video switching box only connects the audio/video signals. The keyboard and mouse devices on the console desk are connected directly to their respective computers and cannot be changed. This means you will probably find it hard to work if you connect monitor 1 to CPU 2 (or vice-versa) because the keyboards and mice will be linked to the wrong screens.

The monitors contain integrated speakers and there is an HDMI audio extraction device connected to the subject's headphones as input. This means that the audio signal to the subject is just another connection controlled by the switching software and the audio toggle switch no longer exists. If you send CPU1 to Screen1, both audio and video from the stimulus presentation computer are sent. So send audio/sound from the primary stimulus presentation computer to the console room and the subject, send CPU1 Primary to Left Screen, Projector and Headphones.

The current connections at BIAC6 are:

Inputs Outputs
In1 : CPU1 Primary Out1 : Left Screen
In2 : CPU1 Secondary Out2 : Middle Screen
In3 : CPU2 Out3 : Right Screen
In4 : Blu-Ray Out4 : Projector
In5 : Extra Console Input Out5 : 3D LCD
Out6 : Subject Headphones

The name of the new switching software is Switch APv2.0 and its a simple “connect-the-devices” interface. Select and IN and an OUT and press “ENTER” … this will visually connect them on the software GUI.

Below are a couple common configurations:

Primary Stimulus ( audio/video ) to experimenter and subject

Primary Stimulus to experimenter, Blu-Ray to subject

ShinyBow SB-5688LCM

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