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-===== BIAC Experimenter SOPs =====+=====BIAC ​New User Orientation=====
-==== October 17, 2013 ==== 
-This training session was mandatory for anyone who runs experimental sessions at the BIAC scanners. Please review the  [[http://​​forums/​topic.asp?​TOPIC_ID=1007|BIAC MR Tech Schedule]] in conjunction with this training. 
-{{:​biac:​methods_journal_club:​biacexperimentertraining_20150209.pdf|Presentation}} +BIAC New User Orientations will be offered on a demand basis and are open to all Users. In addition to the material being presented, new Users (and existing Users looking to refresh their knowledge) will have the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on BIAC policies and procedures.  
-  + 
 +Please contact BIAC’s Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), [[|Marissa Bruce]] to register. 
 +{{:​biac:​methods_journal_club:​biac_new_user_orientation_2020-10.pdf|BIAC New User Orientation}} 
 === Topics covered: === === Topics covered: ===
 +      * Facilities
       * Scheduling procedures       * Scheduling procedures
       * Calendar entries       * Calendar entries
       * Preparing for your scanning session       * Preparing for your scanning session
           * MR safety/​subject eligibility           * MR safety/​subject eligibility
-              * Specific subject safety questions should be emailed to all 3 BIAC MR techs to confirm MR compatibility \\ [[|Natalie Goutkin]] \\ [[|Susan Music]] \\ [[|Luke Pool]]+              * Specific subject safety questions should be emailed to [[]] ​to confirm MR compatibility ​
           * Visitor policy           * Visitor policy
           * Procedures at the scanner           * Procedures at the scanner
 +      * BIAC Resources
       * Billing       * Billing
 +      * FAQs
 === Useful Links === === Useful Links ===
       * Subject recruitment procedures http://​​biac:​recruitment ​       * Subject recruitment procedures http://​​biac:​recruitment ​
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