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 Note: If you request a password reset, be sure to include your username in the email. Note: If you request a password reset, be sure to include your username in the email.
-  * **BIAC Windows Account** - [[|Change Password]] [[​subject=Please reset my BIAC Windows password|Forgot Password]] +  * **DHE account** - Also known as Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account. ​[[​account-self-service/|Change Password]] ​(Log on, click Access the Self-Service Website, then Change Password.) ​[[https://​|Forgot Password]] ​You can also call DHTS Help Desk at 684-2243. **Note: Your DHE and NetID passwords are synced. Changing one will change the other to match.** 
-  * **BIAC Cluster ​Account** - [[​subject=Please reset my BIAC Cluster password|Forgot Password]] +  * **BIAC Cluster** - Uses DHE account
-  * **Trouble Ticket Account** - [[http://​​biacweb/​account/profile.php|Change Password]] (You may need to log in and click Profile in upper right.) [[http://​​biacweb/​account/​pwdreset.php|Forgot Password]] +  * **BIAC Wiki** - Uses DHE account. 
-  * **BIAC Wiki Account** - [[http://​​biac?​do=profile|Change Password]] ​[[​subject=Please reset my Wiki password|Forgot Password]] +  * **DHE VPN** - Uses DHE accountYou will need to [[​subject=VPN access request|request access]], however. 
-  * **BIAC Forums Account** - [[http://​​forums/​pop_profile.asp?​mode=Edit|Change Password]] [[http://​​forums/​password.asp|Forgot Password]] +  * **Trouble Ticket Account** - Uses DHE account. 
-  * **DHE Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account** - [[http://​​|Change Password]] (Log on and click on the key icon.) [[http://​​|Forgot Password]] (This will reset your NetID password as well. You can also call DHTS Help Desk at 684-2243.) +  * **BIAC Forums Account** - __These links are for your forums account only:__[[http://​​forums/​pop_profile.asp?​mode=Edit|Change Password]] [[http://​​forums/​password.asp|Forgot Password]]
-  * **DHE VPN account** - Same as EAD account.+
 +===== Password Requirements =====
 +  * Must have at least 8 characters
 +  * Must contain at least three of the following character classes: lowercase, uppercase, digit, symbol
 +  * Must not contain your name or username
 +  * Must be changed at least every 180 days or when it is believed or known to have been compromised
 +  * Must not be re-used in less than three years
 +  * Please also refer to the [[https://​​​​sysparm_article=KB0019426|Duke Medicine Password Standard]]
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