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Pilot Time

There is often a need for pilot data in preparation for larger projects and grant proposals. Currently, BIAC can provide pilot time for studies which, when completed, will provide a technique or equipment that can be used by general BIAC users. Faculty members can request biac-sponsored time on the BIAC scanners (i.e., pilot time) by following the procedures listed below. These procedures are effective 12/1/08.

Procedure for requesting BIAC pilot scan hours:

In addition to the regular BIAC proposal submitted to the BIAC Scientific Review Committee, the researcher will need to concurrently submit a separate formal request for pilot time (< 2 pages) to the Review Committee ( This request for pilot time will be forwarded to the Director of the BIAC for budgetary approval. The pilot time request should include the following items:

  • the specific aims
  • the submission timeline of the proposed grant application
  • justification for the need of BIAC sponsored scanner time
  • a list of current and pending grants of the faculty applicant

Time allocation on BIAC scanners:

Each pilot study should request no more than 10 hours of free scanner time. The scan hours will be restricted to hours after 6 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and all day on Saturdays.

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