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 +====== Real-time QA on scanner ======
 +Real-time QA for time-series image data is available on the scanner console via fscan on images that are automatically reconstructed on the scanner itself (essentially,​ any data that comes off the scanner as DICOM).
 +<More info>
 +====== Near real-time QA on kelvin ======
 +For all the above data, plus any data that is automatically reconstructed by the BIAC pipeline (i.e. SENSE spiral scans, etc.), there is a dedicated QA process on kelvin, the Linux computer next to the scanner. ​ This QA process waits for data as it is automatically transferred from the scanner, and then performs a quick center-of-mass calculation on three selected slices for every time point. ​ For SENSE scans, it also needs to reconstruct the image data (again, for just three slices, for speed). ​ This data, as well as the images of the full first volume, can be seen by asking the scanner tech to double-click the "BIAC Realtime QA Plotter"​ icon on kelvin'​s desktop.
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