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 +====== Troubleshooting ======
 +This Troubleshooting section is designed to help you identify and resolve ​ problems encountered in using the Experimental Control System. If this guide doesn'​t address your problem, try the [[biac:faq | Frequently Asked Questions]] section, or browse through the rest of the [[biac:​experimentalcontrol |Control System]] documentation.
 +What type of problem do you have?
 +[[biac:​troubleshoot:​video | Video]]\\
 +[[biac:​troubleshoot:​audio | Audio]]\\
 +[[biac:​troubleshoot:​input_devices | Input Devices]]\\
 +[[biac:​troubleshoot:​stimulus_entertainment | Stimulus/​Entertainment Sources ]]\\
 +[[biac:​troubleshoot:​switches_controllers| Switches/​Controllers ]]
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