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 +====== Trouble Ticket System ======
 +Users can submit requests for resolving data issues by creating a trouble ticket. To get to the trouble ticket entry page, go to the [[http://​​services/​|BIAC Services]] main page, and click on the trouble ticket icon.
 +To create a trouble ticket:
 +  - Select the Experiment for which you want to create a ticket.
 +  - Select the Request Type, most likely Missing Data. 
 +  - Enter the Exam Number for the exam. This is the number that the Tech's assigned to your exam and the one you update on the BIAC Calendar page. Currently its a 5 digit number beginning with either a 3 (eg: 34567) or 4 (eg: 45678).
 +  - Enter the date of the exam in the format specified. eg: 26<​sup>​th</​sup>​ of June 2006 would be 2006-06-26
 +  - Enter a valid email address. This is the email where you will be sent a email notification when you create the ticket and whenever there is an update posted to the ticket.
 +  - Provide us with any additional information such as Run Numbers etc. that might be relevant to the request in the Additional Notes field.
 +  - Finally click the "​Submit"​ button to create the ticket.
 +  - If there were any errors in your entry, they will be displayed above the form. Please fix these errors and click on "​Submit"​.
 +  - After the request has been successfully created, you will see the ticket you submitted with its current status as being "​Open" ​
 +You will recieve an email notification when you create the request or whenever there is an update to the ticket. The subject of the email will contain "​Trouble Ticket Submit"​ or "​Trouble Ticket Update"​ and will contain a link to a page where you can view any additional note added by our support staff and the current status of the request.
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