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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 4 (keyrd):

Keyrd -- Integer pseudo-variable reads a key from keyboard or cursor device

usage: value = keyrd

KEYRD is an internally defined pseudo-variable. It can be used as a number variable, except that each time you read its value it waits for you to press a key on the keyboard or on one of the active cursor pointing devices, if present. If you press a keyboard key, the value returned for KEYRD is the ASCII code for the character pressed. Using the mouse, the value of KEYRD is:

           1    Left button
           2    Right button
           3    Both buttons
 For the tablet pen device, KEYRD's value is:
           1    Pressing the pen tip
           2    Pressing the side button
           3    Pressing both tip and side button
 For the tablet 4 button cursor, the value of KEYRD will be between 1 and 15
 depending on which button(s) are pressed.

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