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 |[[jvs:cigal:manual:chapter9:hang|Hanging]]|CIGAL hangs on startup or device initialization| |[[jvs:cigal:manual:chapter9:hang|Hanging]]|CIGAL hangs on startup or device initialization|
 |[[jvs:cigal:manual:chapter9:startcrash|StartupCrash]]|CIGAL crashes immediately on startup| |[[jvs:cigal:manual:chapter9:startcrash|StartupCrash]]|CIGAL crashes immediately on startup|
 +If you don't find useful help in the list above please report your problem on the BIAC forums at:\\
 +and click on the "Experimental Control" forum.
 +Or contact the author directly.
 +**Note:** When reporting problems please add as much detail as you can about the problem and what you were doing when it occurred. Reports that simply say "CIGAL didn't work" are not useful.
 **See Also:**\\ **See Also:**\\
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