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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): browse

Browse -- Select items from a list

usage: -browse tablename [flag outvarb showcol returncol title msg nx ny color maxwid]

The BROWSE command creates an interactive window and displays the contents of the TABLENAME data list.
TABLENAME is a table list structure, usually created via the -Table or -Connect query commands.
The user can select one or more (see FLAG) rows in the list. When the window is closed, the desired row(s) are stored in a new table, or in a string variable (see USERVARBS).

The FLAG argument can be used to specify browsing options (combine by adding):

  • 1 - return single value (OUTVARB is user varb name
  • 2 - return new table (OUTVARB is table name)
  • 4 - return row number(s) in OUTVARB (assumes FLAG 1)
  • 8 - allow multiple entries to be selected
  • 16 - inverse: keep only entries NOT selected
  • 32 - return comma-separated string
  • 64 - limit col to MAXWID (assumed if MAXWID>0)

SHOWCOL: if greater than 0 it indicates which column of TABLENAME to display in the browse list
RETURNCOL: if greater than 0 it indicates which column of TABLENAME to store in OUTVARB
TITLE: title for browsing window
MSG: text to display within browsing window
NX,NY: dimensions of browsing window (default: 400×500)
COLOR: color of window (default: 0808080h gray)
MAXWID: maximum column width (default: 30 if FLAG&32, otherwise no limit)

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