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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions:Expr): Dilate

Dilate -- Expand an intensity region in a 3D image volume

usage: -expr dilate val maskbits newval flag nmatch nneighbors

  • VAL - “Inside” value (or Percent value if (FLAG & (4|8))
  • MASKBITS - voxel data values to consider for comparing with VAL (DATABITS is inverse of MASKBITS)
  • NEWVAL - bit-value to turn on when adding (dilating) a voxel
    • If NEWVAL is negative and MASKBITS is zero, then neighboring data voxel values will be used when dilating into “empty” voxels.
  • FLAG:
    • 0 - (default)
    • 2 - Erode/dilate in 2-D plane only
    • 4 - Stop on dark edge (voxel darker than (100-VAL)% of inside neighbors (Needs MASKBITS set)
    • 8 - Stop on bright edge (brighter than (100+VAL)% of inside neighbors
    • 16 - Dilate all non-zero values except VAL (useful for filling in around VAL areas)
  • NMATCH - number of adjacent voxels matching criterion needed for dilation (default=1)
  • NNEIGHBORS - number of neighboring voxels to consider (default=26 if 3D, 8 if 2D)

If MASKBITS is non-zero, it is used to mask both the input data values and NEWVAL; only those data bits are considered during comparisons and only the NEWVAL bits are changed during dilation.

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