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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions:Expr): Ramp

Ramp -- Generate an image volume with spatially ramped intensity values

usage: -e ramp axis

The RAMP command generates an image data set with the same dimensions as the current active data set, and sets the image intensity at each voxel to be a function of the spatial dimension along one axis. Which axis, and direction of ramp, is specified by the argument as:

AXIS:  1 - X Horizontal, values increasing 
       2 - Y Vertical, values increasing 
       3 - Z Slice, values increasing 
       4 - T Time, values increasing 
      -1 - X Horizontal, values decreasing 
      -2 - Y Vertical, values decreasing 
      -3 - Z Slice, values decreasing 
      -4 - T Time, values decreasing 

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