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 **fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions:​Expr):​ segment** **fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions:​Expr):​ segment**
-===== segment -- ===== +===== segment -- Assign contiguous voxels with similar values to different clusters ​===== 
- ​**usage: ​ -expr segment **\\+ ​**usage: ​ -expr segment ​[flag value]**\\
 +The SEGMENT command process a 3-D image map looking for voxel values greater than or equal to VALUE. ​ Each time it finds such a voxel it uses a variation of the [[jvs:​fscan:​manual:​chapter2:​expression:​flood|flood]] function to find all other voxels greater than VALUE contiguous with the first, and assigns all those values a new "​cluster"​ number. ​ Clusters can have as few as 1 voxel. Cluster values start at 1, and increase by 1 for each new cluster found.
 +VALUE: default is 1
 + 0 - default\\
 + 1 - also look for negative voxel values, less than or equal to -VALUE (default is just positive)
 **See Also:**\\ **See Also:**\\
 [[jvs:​fscan|fScan Home]], ​ [[jvs:​fscan|fScan Home]], ​
 [[jvs:​fscan:​manual|fScan Manual]], ​ [[jvs:​fscan:​manual|fScan Manual]], ​
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