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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): input

Input -- Open a data file


-input filename [flag]
-input filename [flag] filename2 [flag2] …
-input workspacenumber

The INPUT command is used open data sets for reading. The command can either be explicit (“-input” followed by a file name), or it can be implicit (file name with no “-input”). The implicit syntax only works if the file names appear before any other commands; once a '-' command appears fScan would treat subsequent file names as arguments to that command. When used explicitly, files that cannot be opened will usually generate error messages. When used implicitly, fScan will not generate an error message if the specified file can not be opened; this allows you to specify lots of file names on a command line and then let fScan ignore any file types it does not recognize.

If the “-input” command has no FILENAME, a file browsing dialog will open to allow you to find the file interactively.

A numerical FLAG argument following a filename can specify options for that file:
FLAG value:

  • 0 - default
  • 1 - add file to Workspace 1
  • 2 - add file to Workspace 2
  • 4 - do not look for additional files in series
  • 8 - do not print message if error occurs opening file
  • 16 - do not open file for viewing
  • 32 - do not add file to main menu list

Note: FLAG options 4 and above can be added and combined with Workspace (1 or 2) if desired.

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