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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): mean

Mean -- Generate mean images

usage: -mean [VERBOSE] cond ref name wsiz

Create a set of mean images using the grouping codes defined by the -reference options. When combined with -movie the means may be converted to t-maps.

  • OUT - file name (or output record num) to receive the resulting images.
  • PTYPE - pixel type of output images (default: 1 (16-bit integers)).
  • MAXVOLS - maximum number of mean volumes to generate for each group.
  • NGROUPS - grouping factor. Number of condition code values in each group.

For example, if a task code with multiple conditions was specified to create codes for time after event start, with each condition separated into code blocks of 100 (e.g. -input eventspec - 1 - 100), separate averaged time courses 10 seconds long could be created using '-mean meanfile - 10 100'

Note: If “verbose” appears immediately after MEAN, the command will display image sorting information before it executes.

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