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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): phase

Phase -- Create a phase map

usage:-phase out max thrsh ptyp np dp p2 wrap

Generate phase maps when used with -correlate, -movie, or -fft flags. Its arguments are:

  • max - maximum phase value; default is NPHASE
  • thrsh - threshold correl. (or power) value; must be above this to see phase
  • ptyp - pixel type for phase map (OUT); default is 2 (float)
  • np - number of phase steps; default is num. steps in 1 reference cycle
  • dp - phase step size; default is 1
  • p2 - phase 2 flag; provides access to phase values other than maximum, as:
    • 1 - replace correl. val. with max correl minus correl 180 deg out of phase
    • 2 - replace correl. val. with correl value 180 degs out of phase
    • filename - create output file with correl. coeffs. at all phase offsets
  • wrap - cross correlation flag for whether to wrap reference vector around to the beginning if shifting puts it past the end of the data

Default is 1 (yes) if the ref has repeated cycles, else 0 (no)

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