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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): set color

Set Color -- Set a color variable

-set colorN value
-set colorN taskbar

This SET command can be used to set the 3 internally defined color variables. The VALUE can be a color name or a 24-bit RGB number. RGB values are typically entered as a number in hexidecimal format, starting with a '0', ending with an 'h', and using 2 digits (0-9a-f) each for the red, green, and blue components. Recognized color names and their equivalent RGB values are:

black       0 
white    0ffffffh 
red      0ff0000h 
green      0ff00h 
blue         0ffh 
yellow   0ffff00h 
purple   0ff00ffh 
cyan       0ffffh 
gray     0808080h 
grey     0808080h 
orange   0cf7b00h 
pink     0ff8080h 
brown    07b4b00h 

If the color value is specified as “taskbar”, the color variable will be set to the color of the most recently clicked in the taskbar menu.

The color variables can be used in fScan commands as “$colorN” (where N is 1-3); if N is missing, 1 is assumed. Some commands also use color variables specified simply by the number (1-3).

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