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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): set overwrite

Set Overwrite -- Set the file overwrite flag

-set overwrite
-set overwrite 0

The OVERWRITE flag is used to indicate whether fScan will overwrite existing data files.
By default, OVERWRITE is zero and any attempt to overwrite an existing file will generate an error message.
If OVERWRITE is non-zero, write operations will overwrite existing data files without generating any message.

The OVERWRITE flag can be set temporarily using the -WRITEOVER (-w) command. Set this way, the flag remains set only until the next file writing command. This allows you to selectively indicate which data files to overwrite.
For example:

  -o exam.wdf -w           ; force writing of file named "exam.wdf", even if it already exists 
  -o -w                    ; force writing of current data set to file, even if that file exists 

The default behavior of the OVERWRITE flag can be changed using the -SET OVERWRITE command.

  -set overwrite          ; allow any file to be overwritten without generating error messages 
  -set overwrite 0        ; default is to not allow existing files to be written unless -w is used 

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