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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): table_delete

Table delete -- Deleting a table or table entries

Usage: -table delete TBLNAME FLAG COL [VALUE1] [VALUE2]

If TBLNAME is the only argument, the entire table will be deleted.

With other arguments this will perform a QUERY as described above and only delete those rows that satisfy the query.

FLAG: Option flags (combine by adding):
* 4 - VALUE1 is a row number
* 32 - only delete first instance
* 64 - VALUE2 is a binary mask to use for COL value
* 128 - inverse query; search for COL values that don't match; this is automatic if VALUE1 is preceded by '!'
* 256 - don't display error message on query failure
* 512 - find COL with missing value (assumed if VALUE1 = 'NULL')
* 1024 - do not convert 'NULL' in VALUE1 to missing value

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