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Exam Tracker

Users can track the exams as they move through the various components of the preprocessing pipeline from its starting point at the scanner to the its final location in your experiments data directory.

To track the processing of a particular exam, go to the BIAC Services main page, and click on the exam tracker icon.

Enter the number of the exam you want to track and click “Get Logs”. If the exam tracker has messages for that exam number then a table of messages will be displayed. For exams with no messages available currently or incorrect exam numbers an error indicating no messages found will be displayed. All messages contain the following associated information :

  1. Message Type - A message can be one of 3 Types :
    • Information - Reports the current state of the data.
    • Warning - Indicates a non-critical problem occuring while processing the data.
    • Error - Indicates a criical problem occuring during data processing. This class usually involves messages related to unknown experiments and non-reconstructable raw functional data.
  2. Process - The process in the pipeline that returned the message.
  3. Host - The physical location i.e. host computer where the process is running.
  4. Date and Time when the message was recorded.
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