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Setting up a dummy X-Win32 session

X-Win32 allows the user to setup a “session” for each host storing the information necessary to connect to a particular UNIX/Linux host. However, at BIAC we recommend using a F-Secure SSH Client Profile instead of a X-Win32 session to initiate the connection to Golgi. However, X-Win32 will prompt the user to setup a session each time the program is launched if there is not at least one session. Therefore, a dummy session can be setup as follows to avoid this issue.

  • Launch X-Win32 from the Start Menu.
  • Choose “rsh” in the “Connect Method” window and then choose “Next”


  • Type “dummy” in the host field of the “Unix Host” window and then choose “Next”


  • Leave “Login” blank in the “Login ID” window and then choose “Next”


  • Choose “Linux” in the “Host Command” window and then choose “Next”


  • Type “dummy” in the name of session field of the “Name of Session” window and then choose “Next”


  • Choose “Finish” to complete setup
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