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Minimal instructions:

* make sure you have gradient tables in a BXH file (e.g. from dicom2bxh)
* convert your DTI data to NRRD format (run bxh2nrrd)
* run /usr/local/packages/DTIPrep/DTIPrep (this will launch the GUI)

  • click the first icon (OpenNRRD) and then select your NRRD data file
  • click the Protocol tab
  • click the Default button (near the tab) to create a protocol
  • click RunByProtocol (bottom of window) to run the preprocessing
  • when it finishes you can use GUI tools to see a report (you are on your own there)
  • close the GUI

* you should now see a new …QCed.NRRD file with your results
* use nrrd2bxh to create a BXH header for your new NRRD file

The resultant DTI dataset's BXH header can then be used for DTI fiber tracking using either bxh_rundtk or bxh_runmedinria.

Analysis - Go back to Analysis software page

DTIPrep: quality control of diffusion-weighted images, Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 2014
DTIPrep Tutorial, NA-MIC 2013

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