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This page is obsolete -- It is here only for completeness

Connecting to the 8-button box

Previously, the 8-button box was available to multiple computers via a shared USB connection. The button box must be connected to the stimulus computer. The status of the connection is indicated by an icon in the system tray.

Following are the connection states for the button box :

Disconnected from both computers
Connected to stimulus computer
Connected to the other computer

To connect the button box, when its disconnected, left click on Disconnected and click Connect.

To disconnect the button box, left click on and click Disconnect.

If the button box is already connected to the other computer Connected to other computer, it has to be disconnected before connecting it to the stimulus computer. To disconnect the button box, login to the other computer, left click on and click Disconnect. Then establish a connection on the stimulus computer.

A good use policy is to connect to the button box when using it and disconnect before logging out.

No – The good use policy is to not change hardware connections.

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