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Bimanual 8 Button Box

Both scanners are equipped with an 8-button 2-box device from Current Design Inc. This device has a separate response box for each hand, with 4 buttons on each box. You can use just one box if you only need 4 buttons, or both boxes for up to 8 response buttons.

The 8-button box is a USB device that functions like the number keys on a computer keyboard. The button keys send a number code that is identical to the codes sent when you press a keyboard number key. The buttons are coded: '1', '2', '3', '4' on one hand box, and '6', '7', '8', and '9' on the other box.

The '5' key is used for a scanner trigger code, but this option is not connected at BIAC because anytime the scanner is acquiring images the button box acts as though you are repeatedly pressing the '5' key on the keyboard, which can be very annoying. We have other input devices connected to the scanner trigger pulse.

The 8-button box behaves like a keyboard. If the number keys on the computer keyboard work, the 8-button box should also work ( with one caveat as of 4/2011 ): MATLAB presentation software ( PsychToolBox,Cogent ) requires the button box to be in a specific mode which does not auto release. This means that if a button is pressed and held down, then there will be streaming responses from the button box. The default mode is to auto release, meaning 1 press sends 1 response regardless of how long you hold the button.

Default Setting ( 001 ):

  • button box mode: “HHSC-2×4-C” response box
  • button mode: “HID KEY 12345”

Matlab Setting ( 003 ):

  • button box mode: “HHSC-2×4-C” response box
  • button mode: “HID NAR 12345”

If PTB-3 or Cogent are run in mode 001, buttons will still be recognized, however you will not receive all of your responses.

Current Designs 932 interface manual: 932_manual.pdf

Previously the Wiki described how to connect and disconnect the 8-button box for use on different computers. That feature has been discontinued because we now use only one PC for stimulus programs. (disconnect)


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