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Experimental Control System

DVD Player

There is a Blu-Ray video player at each scanner set to a 720p resolution. The Blu-Ray player is connected to the video switcher via a HDMI connection. From the video switcher everything runs into a HDMI→VGA converter and then directly into the projector. This DVD video signal is controlled by the video switch so that it can be displayed on a computer monitor or our video projector or 3D TV. HDMI carries both audio/video over one connection, however, the projector and headphones are two separate signal destinations. To send audio/video to the subject in the scanner, the output of the Blu-Ray player needs to be directed to BOTH the headphones and projector through the video switch software.

To operate the DVD player, press the 'power' button on the left, press the 'open/close' button on the right to open the slot, insert a DVD, and press play. Use the remote control to fastforward or rewind. Pressing 'stop' once will save the location and start from there next time you press 'play'; pressing stop twice will cause it to start at '0:00' the next time you press play.

To see/hear the DVD output, use the video switch software to select which display devices (monitor, projector, 3D TV, headphones) get DVD input (source channel 4).

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