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Head Tracking Device

- We use a custom head tracking device made in house using the arduino and a 9 dof IMU
- Software ( BIACTracker ) is a java applet written in processing that reads the IMU's yaw/pitch/roll output
- The software can interact with any type of media running through VLC Player as long as VLC's http interface is configured. This is used to pause/resume media as a motivation to keep the head still.
- The pause threshold is configurable through software and will automatically resume after 3 seconds.

Head Tracking Instructions

- The Mock scanner now operates through a single computer. Once logged in there will be a BIACTracker icon on the desktop ( this opens the java applet ).
- The tracker will have two LEDs that show it its connected and on … a green one on the black case containing the arduino and a blue LED on the IMU that is placed on the headband. If both of these are on, then the tracker is connected and powered on. If they are off, just plug in the USB cable connected to the black case.
- Once the tracker is powered up, open the BIACTracker applet.

- Once the software is open and YPR lines are showing, press the “A” key on the keyboard to align the IMU sensors to the orientation of your subject. You may need to do this a couple times one the subject is settled.

- DEGREES: controls the degree of YPR required to trigger alerts ( if they are on )
- ALERT: a toggle that turns on/off visual alerts on the plot only
- LEVEL: this is automatically align the YPR plot to the subject's orientation every time the plot starts over ( useful if subject moves to new positions frequently )
- PAUSE VLC: if you have media playing in VLC and want to pause it when subject goes over your set threshold

  1. this will attempt to connect to the http interface of VLC, if it cannot connect the software will automatically turn this off
  2. Piaget is configured to turn on the http interface
  3. The media playing MUST be in VLC's playlist to work
  4. We've found that digital media work much better and have uploaded some digital copies of our movies here ( \\Munin\Docs\Movies )
  5. you can test the software's connection to VLC with the “P” key ( p = pause )
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