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Experimental Control System

Button Box

There are multiple response boxes at each scanner, in part because different software supports different types of boxes. The response box used by most subjects is a joystick box with 4 buttons on the box and a fifth on the top of the joystick itself. These boxes came from Resonance Technology Inc. and are the same on each scanner. The box labeled 'Box1' (1.5T) or 'BoxB' (4T) is connected to the Windows'98 computer, and the box labeled 'Box2' (1.5T) or 'BoxB' (4T) is connected to the WindowsXP computer.


The joystick response boxes can be used with most software applications (e.g. Presentation, CIGAL, MatLab). It is a good idea to test the response box before you begin your functional scanning to make sure that the subject has the correct box and it is working properly.

You can test the response box using CIGAL by starting CIGAL (click on any 'start.cgl' file) and selecting the 'Test I/O devices' option in the ShowPlay menu at the top of the screen. Pressing on a button should highlight its corresponding spot on the screen in green and sound a tone (this is also useful for testing the sound output).

For other software applications you should also test the button box function within your particular application to make sure that the specific configuration parameters are correct for that software.

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