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Experimental Control System

Video Switch

The video connections between the computers, DVD player, monitors, projector, and 3D TV at each scanner pass through a software-controllable audio/video switching box. The box is located in the rack that contains the 2 stimulus control PC's in the scanner equipment room.

The switch can be controlled from the front panel, but it is usually more convenient to use the switching software on the PC. The most useful control on the Video Switch box itself is the ON/OFF switch. Occasionally, if the system is misbehaving, turning the box off and turning it back on will tend to solve the problem.

On both BIAC scanners, the video switching box only connects audio/video signals. The keyboard and mouse devices on the console desk are connected directly to their respective computers and cannot be changed. This means you will probably find it hard to work if you connect monitor 1 to CPU 2 (or vice-versa) because the keyboards and mice will be linked to the wrong screens.

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