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Experimental Control System


Projector: Hitachi CP X-505

Users's Manual:

Video stimuli are presented to subjects in the bore of the scanner using a video projector located at the back of the magnet room. This is a standard video projector that has a long lens that can focus its output onto a transluscent plastic screen near the center of the magnet bore. The subjects view the screen when they are lying in the scanner using a 45 degree mirror ( 5.5 x 3.5 in ) mounted on the head coil. The mirror allows them to see the screen behind them.

The screen is 38 cm wide and the lens is adjusted so that the full projected image fills the screen. When the screen is pushed all the way back it is approximately 97 cm from the subject's eyes, and the full screen covers 22 degrees of the visual field horizontally. If the screen is moved forward to 70 cm from the eyes, the full screen covers approximately 30 x 15 degrees of the visual field.

The native resolution is 1024×768.

Input to the projector is controlled by the VideoSwitcher, located on everyone's desktop labeled “Video Switch”

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