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FSL is the fMRI Software Library analysis package developed by the FMRIB laboratory at Oxford University. Useful FMRIB links are:

  • FSL - The FMRIB software homepage.
  • FSL Tutorial - The FMRIB course tutorial.

To change your FSL version:

export FSLDIR=/usr/local/packages/fsl-5.0.1 
. ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf/ 

Then call the tools with the fullpath: 

FSL Workshop Material (12/9/2008)

FSL Overview: Rich Yaxley & O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman

Experimental Design: McKell Carter & Amy Winecoff

Advanced Experimental Design: David Smith & John Clithero

Scripting: Chris Petty & Justin Meyer


Step-by-step instructions for using FSL at BIAC can be found at:

A sample FSL analysis; requres access to the Class.01 directory.

BIAC 2012/2013 Course Guide

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