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Pre-Award Procedures

  • SPS Procedures
    • External Proposals (from other departments)
      • BIAC's routing is set up such that notification of proposals should come to both the grants manager and the business manager. Within 24 hours of receipt, the grants manager should review each proposal for correctness. This includes reviewing that salary is calculated accurately, and that email approval has been obtained for anyone listed as key personnel. If an individual is listed as key personnel, their effort must be checked to ensure that they have available effort, as effort changes > 25% for key personnel require NIH approval. Note that OSC designation does not require PI approval, as no effort is needed.
      • Once the proposal is correct, the grants manager should email the business manager letting them know that the proposal is ready for review. This must be done before 48 hours has elapsed, otherwise the grant will be auto routed, and approval from BIAC will be assumed.
    • Internal Proposals (generated by BIAC)
      • The grants manager will set up the SPS proposal and route the proposal no fewer than 11 business days prior to the grant due date (days counted include the due date). This will allow for 2 days for routing through departments, ORA's 7 business days, plus the due date, and give us at least part of an extra day for any possible delays. So for example, for a proposal due on Friday Oct 14th, we would start routing this anytime on Friday, Sept 30th. This then gives departments and us part of Friday, all day Monday, and part of Tuesday (16 business hours or 2 days), to get the proposal PCA by COB Tuesday to meet the 8am Wednesday ORA deadline. According to ORA's website “The SPS record must be completed and routed to the Pending Central Approval (PCA) state 7 business days prior to the application due date. SPS records received after this timeline will require a waiver. Please refer to the Grant Proposal Waiver Request page.” Essentially, their deadline requires receipt 8 days in advance (including the due date) or 7 days in advance (not including the due date).
    • Salary Calculations
      • The first year of salary should be calculated as the current salary plus 3%.
      • For years after that, salary should be inflated at a rate of 2% to be consistent with NIH/ORA guidelines regarding the overall budget increase being capped at a 2% increase.
      • Salary should be split out according to fiscal year. For example, for a grant budget that is 6/1 - 5/31, two salary lines should be entered, one for 6/1-6/30, and a second for 7/1 -5/31. This allows others to easily check that the inflation has been done correctly.
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