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BIAC Scheduling & Billing FAQs

* I no longer need my full time slot, can I cancel a portion of my scheduled scan time for a reduced fee?

You can cancel the portion on the calendar, however you will not receive a reduced fee unless a paying study takes over your time slot (overlap credit will apply). If you scheduled time and run your study, you will be charged for the entire scheduled slot regardless of how much time you use.

* When will the cancellation rate apply?

If you cancel your scan within 48 hours of the start time, you will be charged the cancellation fee unless a paying study takes over the cancelled time slot (overlap credit). If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice, you will simply delete the calendar entry and there will be no charge.

* I am at the scanner and my session end time is almost here and I need more time. What do I do?

If the MR Tech and scanner are available (no other session booked), you may continue your scan by adding additional time to the calendar. If you do not add it, the MR Tech will and you will be billed appropriately. You can only add time in 30 minute increments. (i.e. If you schedule 30 minutes but need 45, you will pay for 1 hour. The time you schedule on the scanner should be adequate to cover time you enter the console room, until the time you leave. This includes the time for the subject to enter and exit the scanner.

* I want to schedule a scan at the last minute. What do I need to do?

If a last minute scan is scheduled at the beginning or end of the day, please contact the MR Techs via the BIAC Experiment Scheduling email to ensure that coverage will be provided. We recommend 1-2 hours notice.

* What do I need to know about Null.01?

Null.01 should ONLY be used to avoid double-booking a MR Tech. Be sure to check the notes (in blue) at the stop of the scanner schedule to see exceptions to the normal Tech schedule. The experimenter is responsible for placing Null.01 on the opposite scanner during single MR Tech coverage. If your study starts at a time when there are 2 Techs available and continues to a time when only 1 is available, you need to put Null.01 on the opposite calendar for just the time when there is single Tech coverage. If you think someone forgot to schedule a Null.01, please contact the BIAC Main Office before scheduling your study. In the event of a double-booking, the study that scheduled first (but failed to add a Null) will be rescheduled.

* What is BIAC's policy on Experimenters Making Scheduling Errors?

BIAC's Policy on Excessive Scheduling Errors If a user/scheduler fails to schedule Null.01 during single tech coverage or schedules all/part of their session outside of the normal or posted tech hours the following will happen: • 1st Offense – Scheduler gets notified about the policy and New User Orientation. • 2nd Offense – MR Director, Todd Harshbarger, notifies the Scheduler and the Responsible PI (in most cases this is the supervisor) about the severity of the situation, the second offense, and that on the third offense scheduling rights will be taken away. • 3rd Offense – Director of BIAC, Allen Song, notifies the Scheduler and the Responsible PI that the third offense has occurred and that the scheduler’s scheduling rights have been removed.

This policy was implemented on November 7, 2019.

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