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BIAC Software Tools

The Duke-UNC BIAC has made available a number of its software tools for the display and analysis of neuroimaging data. Below we have made an initial distribution of these tools freely available for individual use, subject to the terms of the attached copyright license. These tools have been tested on recent versions of MATLAB for Microsoft Windows, AIX, and Linux.

Included are a number of tools that facilitate the exploration of fMRI data. Of particular note are:

  • showsrs2 - A powerful viewing platform for 3- and 4-dimensional data. It supports transparent overlays, plotting of hemodynamic time courses, and display of data in any cardinal orientation.
  • bxhabsorb, writemr, readmr - A set of MATLAB tools for loading and writing data from a large number of formats. These tools are compatible with the BXH header format.

These tools have been created by Francis Favorini, Syam Gadde, Charles Michelich, and the students, faculty, and staff of the Duke-UNC BIAC.


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