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Trouble Ticket System

Users can submit requests for resolving data issues by creating a trouble ticket. To get to the trouble ticket entry page, go to the BIAC Services main page, and click on the trouble ticket icon.

To create a trouble ticket:

  1. Select the Experiment for which you want to create a ticket.
  2. Select the Request Type, most likely Missing Data.
  3. Enter the Exam Number for the exam. This is the number that the Tech's assigned to your exam and the one you update on the BIAC Calendar page. Currently its a 5 digit number beginning with either a 3 (eg: 34567) or 4 (eg: 45678).
  4. Enter the date of the exam in the format specified. eg: 26th of June 2006 would be 2006-06-26
  5. Enter a valid email address. This is the email where you will be sent a email notification when you create the ticket and whenever there is an update posted to the ticket.
  6. Provide us with any additional information such as Run Numbers etc. that might be relevant to the request in the Additional Notes field.
  7. Finally click the “Submit” button to create the ticket.
  8. If there were any errors in your entry, they will be displayed above the form. Please fix these errors and click on “Submit”.
  9. After the request has been successfully created, you will see the ticket you submitted with its current status as being “Open”

You will recieve an email notification when you create the request or whenever there is an update to the ticket. The subject of the email will contain “Trouble Ticket Submit” or “Trouble Ticket Update” and will contain a link to a page where you can view any additional note added by our support staff and the current status of the request.

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