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Account Requests

In order to use various BIAC computer systems, you will need a DHE account. Also refer to the following forum post for details on password changes. See also Account Passwords.

  • DHE Account - Duke Health Enterpise (DHE) account; used to log on to all BIAC computers, including the BIAC Computer Cluster and the Scheduling Calendar and Time Card System.
    Also known as an Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account. Your DHE account username will be the same as your NetID (or possibly DEMPO ID, for existing DHE accounts). Your DHE and NetID passwords are also synchronized.
    • DHE Access is required for BIAC access requests. To gain DHE access you will need to have someone with a DHE appointment (faculty/staff) sponsor you at this site: or through and clicking “Request a Sponsored Account”
    • Your sponsor with DHE access will sign in and select “Request a Duke Health DHE Account for a Duke employee or Duke student” to complete the DHE Account Request Form
  • Multi-Factor Authentication - The medical center requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access certain resources (mostly things that are outside of the medical center firewall, but that can reach inside the firewall, such as VPN access and the BIAC cluster). Please register for Duo Security MFA, if you haven't already been required to do so.
  • BIAC Computer Access - Use your DHE account to log on to BIAC computers. If you need access to BIAC computers, you will follow the User Access steps provided here: Getting started
  • BIAC Computer Cluster Access - Use your DHE account to log on to the BIAC Linux Cluster.
    All registered BIAC Users will have usage privileges.
  • BIAC Wiki Access - Use your DHE account to log on to the wiki.
    Registered BIAC users will have access to all the non private pages. If there is private lab section you should have access to, please email, and CC the PI of the lab to be granted permission.
  • BIAC Forums Account - Only for the BIAC forums
    You may register online. Your forums account username may be different from your other usernames.
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