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BIAC Basics

Getting started

Welcome to the BIAC Wiki! This page will help you get started at BIAC and introduce you to the various systems for data analysis and otherwise. You can also bookmark this page to use as a resource for common reference.

BIAC administrative access

Setting up your BIAC accounts:

You will need a handful of accounts for full access to all of Duke and BIAC's resources. Please pay close attention to the information needed when emailing requests. It will make the set-up much smoother!

Also, please be aware of the training and certifications you need. You can find the MRI safety information here the HIPPA training here and the CITI certification here Once this is done, make sure you lab has added you to their IRB's before you work on any data!

In order to gain access to specific studies, please email with the name(s) of the study and request that your PI verify the access as well. You must also do this for BIAC calendar access.



Hot off the scanner, your data will travel to purchased space on a server, such as “Munin” or “Fatt.” Your data basically lives here, but is analyzed on the cluster. For more information on the scanner to server process, visit

On the server, each study has a respective study folder (see example). In order to access this folder you must “map the drive.” Do this by selecting the “My computer” icon on your desktop, then the “map drive” icon at the top of that window. Any drive (letter) can be chosen, then for the folder type the server, for example Munin, then the path, for example \\Munin\data\fbirn. Check the “reconnect at logon” box and hit “finish.”

The Cluster

Once you get a cluster account, you can set up access like so… (replace “einstein” with “cluster”)

You analyze your data by “submitting jobs,” on the cluster, see


Other Intros

On-line Pre zi link:

Useful set-up instructions for Munin, the cluster, and qinteract: infrequent_setup.doc

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