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Experimental Control System

Stereo System

The stereo system at each scanner is an audio device for playing radio, cassette tapes, or audio CD's.

The power button on the stereo at the 1.5T is on the top of the system on the left. The power button on the SONY stereo at the 4T is on the face of the system on the left.


To hear sound from the stereo system located in the scanner control room, turn on the stereo's Power switch and press the 'function' button to select radio, tape, or CD. Use the buttons on the face of the stereo to select a different station or CD track.

For playing a tape, CD, or radio from the stereo system through the headphones, you must press the green button on the white audio switch box underneath the stereo (where it says 'Audio Input Selection') so that the green light is on underneath the word 'audio'. For audio from any source other than the stereo system, the green light should be on in the “Video” position.

Volume control

To adjust volume levels for the stereo's speakers in the control room, use the Volume controls on the front of the stereo system itself. To adjust volume levels for the subject inside the scanner, use the volume control unit on the MR scanner's console. Use of that box is described under audio switches.

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