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Subject Recruitment

First Steps to Begin Recruitment

  • All studies using BIAC Subjects must be linked to the subject recruitment IRB (Pro 00010672). If you are unsure of whether your study is linked or not, please contact BIAC's Clinical Research Coordinator:
  • If your study is not linked, amendments will need to be submitted for BOTH IRB's adding the protocols. Once BOTH amendments have been approved, recruitment can begin.
  • Before we can begin recruitment, we will need information on your study, subject requirements, scheduling restrictions etc. If you are requesting subjects for a behavioral study, please fill out the Behavioral Study Request Form. If you are requesting subjects for a study that includes an MRI session, please fill out the MRI Study Request Form and include all information needed. The more details the better!
  • Please confirm that you have requested MOCK and/or TEST and/or DHNI and/or DAV1 time on your (BIAC Research Proposal) if you need to book a room for consenting, debriefing, training, or behavioral tasks.
  • Recruiter(s) will use the provided information to contact eligible participants from our subject pool.

Recruitment and Scheduling of Participants

  • If you want BIAC recruiter(s) to schedule subjects for you contact the BIAC Subject Coordinator (
  • The BIAC recruiter(s) will contact eligible subjects from the database based on the criteria provided.
  • Once a subject agrees to participate for a specific timeslot, we will send a confirmation email containing information regarding the appointment and directions to the study location.
  • You will be CC'ed on the confirmation email, confirming the participant's appointment(s).The research coordinator IS NOT responsible for sending additional reminders for sessions. It is advised that experimenters contact the subjects at least 48 hours ahead of time to prevent a No Show or Cancellation. A quick email or phone call can save you $ and time!
  • Please check these emails as you receive them to make sure all of the information is correct. If there is a problem, please email us as soon as possible at: so we can contact the subject to correct it if necessary.
  • All of the scheduled subject's information will be included on the BIAC calendar entry.
    • Click on the calendar entry for your study
    • Then click on the gray box containing the subject's name
      • This will open a new dialogue box with the subject's information, including: name, DOB, gender, race, ethnicity, handedness, contact phone number, address, and email address.

Subject Feedback

  • Please let us know if a subject does not show for a scan as they will no longer be contacted for our studies.
  • Please let us know if a subject performs extremely poorly on a task, is unusually unmotivated, or falls asleep during the scan. We have a two-strike policy with subjects for instances like these, so the more feedback–the better our recruitment can be.

If your are scheduling your own scans using BIAC recruited subjects

  • This means we have contacted eligible participants for you and have forwarded their interest to you so that you can schedule your own scans.
  • We need to know when you have scheduled ANY of our BIAC subjects. We keep track of each participant visit, to ensure no subject is participating in more than one scan per day. Also we need to make sure they are not disqualified from other studies based on scan history.
  • Always CC the BIAC Subject Coordinator on ALL scan/behavioral confirmation emails you send. We need a record of what the subjects have received in case of problems, or last minute cancellations.
  • BIAC policy does not allow blocking off scanner time WITHOUT having a confirmed subject.

Scheduling on the BIAC Calendar

  • If you have any questions about MR tech availability, please check the most up-to-date version of the MR Tech Schedule.
  • Please note the MR tech availability and use NULL.01 during times with only 1 tech available.
  • If you have concerns about MR tech availability for a specific date, please check the notes at the top of the calendar (in blue) for the most updated availability. These notes will over-ride and/or replace the normal MR Tech availability.


  • Please be aware that we schedule and recruit for many BIAC studies. Please provide enough time for us to contact participants if you need subjects.
  • Please try to be flexible with your schedule, our scanners have extended hours Monday - Wednesday nights, plus Saturday's are generally available.
  • Keep in mind that many of our subjects are students, be mindful of the academic calendar (fall break, exams weeks, major holidays, spring break, etc.)
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