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Using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to access BIAC file servers


You can access BIAC file servers from outside of BIAC using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). You'll need BIAC computer access for connecting to Nernst, which is a BIAC file server. Once you've logged on to Nernst, you will see virtual directories for each of the BIAC file servers. You should find your experiment directory inside the directory corresponding to the server where it is located. If you are not sure which server your experiment is on, check your Experiment Info page.

Steps to Connect

  1. Tell your SFTP file transfer client to connect to
  2. Log on using your Duke NetID (Just use your username without the domain name. E.g., smith or abc123)
  3. Change to your experiment directory (E.g., /Munin/Smith/MyExp.01)

Where to get an SFTP client

  • For Windows
  • For Mac (and Windows)
  • For Linux/Unix
    • Use the included command line SFTP client
    • OpenSSH (free SSH/SFTP/tunneling client)
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