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CIGAL Eyetracking Tools

CIGAL can be configured to accept streaming eye-position data from en external source. Currently this works with the serial port data streaming option provided by Arrington Research's ViewPoint eyetracking software. To use this feature, the ViewPoint software must be set-up to be able to display and track the subject's eye, and its external interface options must be selected to send streaming eye-position data out its serial port cable. For more on this set-up process, see CIGAL Eyetracking Interface. Once connected, CIGAL can record eye-position data throughout any realtime program.

If you are interested in knowing exactly where on the display screen the subject is looking, you must calibrate the eye-position data to determine the relationship between where the eye is when it is looking at specific screen locations. That calibration step can be performed using the ViewPoint software itself, or you can have ViewPoint generate uncalibrated data and then use CIGAL to do the screen calibration. The advantage with using CIGAL is that you have more flexible calibration options, and

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