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JVS - JV Software

  • CIGAL – Real-time programming environment and behavioral control software
    • CIGAL – User manual
    • ShowPlay – fMRI paradigm control program in CIGAL
  • VSync – Software version synchronization program
  • fScan – fMRI analysis and visualization program
  • Dbax – Imaging database web service and client
  • Miscellaneous
    • Utilities – Miscellaneous little programs

All JVS software distribution is via the VSync version control program. CIGAL, VSync, and a version of fScan are installed on all Windows computers at BIAC. VSync, fScan, DBAX, and all the Utility programs are installed on most of BIAC's Linux computers, including the Linux cluster (Hugin). For more information on downloading any of these programs to other systems contact

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