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fScan Users manual

fScan is a C program developed primarily for on-line processing of fMRI scans.

Features include:

  • fast, flexible access to image data (in a wide variety of file formats)
  • interoperability with other image analysis software
  • image and/or temporal filtering operations (e.g. reformatting, noise filtering, etc.)
  • statistical image processing operations (e.g. activation maps, region-of-interest statistics, etc.)
  • automated tissue segmentation and 3-D surface reconstructions (Voyvodic et al., 2004).
  • real-time fMRI analysis capabilities

fScan was written by Jim Voyvodic. Version 1 was created at the Univerity of Pittsburgh.
Version 2 (the current version) is a completely rewritten implementation developed at Duke University.

A beginners guide and sample data tutorial is available at: Introduction

An overview description of fScan is available at: fScanOverview

There is a Web version of fScan with interactive tutorials at:

For current fScan documentation, consult the:
fScan Users manual

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