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Showplay is a program for performing fMRI behavioral experiments, written within the CIGAL programming language. Showplay is a fairly generic program designed to be easy to configure for a wide variety of fMRI tasks. Simple tasks are defined by a single text file, known as a paradigm parameter file (PPF), that starts with a set of parameter specifications (screen background color, etc) and then has a list of all the stimulus events. For more complex tasks, a user may also want to add customized CIGAL program files for pre or postprocessing. Showplay itself is written as a collection of discrete program modules, all of which are simple text files, and any of which can be modified if desired for specific applications.

The simplest way to learn to use Showplay is to look at a sample input file:

The Wiki on-line manual for Showplay is found at:

An introductory guide to creating or modifying Showplay paradigms is at:

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