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DBAX -- Database XML web-service and client

DBAX was designed for organizing imaging data (e.g. MRI) and related behavioral or clinical data, into a relational database. DBAX is a utility program for communicating with a standard SQL database. It was originally designed to provide a simple interface for mapping XML data files (or Excel-type table files) to database tables and vice-versa; this makes it easy for users to specify their own table structures and then import data into the database without doing any database programming. DBAX also provides a generic XML-based web-service for database access; this allows other programs to interact with the relational database simply by sending XML commands via a web interface.

DBAX itself is not a database program – it simply acts as a user-interface for accessing a database (e.g. Postgres). At a minimum DBAX expects that a standard database has already been created and a SQL-server is running for that database. Currently DBAX has been implemented for Postgres.

* DBAX Manual

For instructions on setting up a Postgres database, see Postgres.

DBAX can be used in 3 different ways:

DBAX can be used for:

  • managing (creating and removing) database tables - (Managing)
  • viewing data in database tables - (Viewing)
  • importing/exporting database tables - (Importing)
  • editing database tables - (Editing)
  • querying database tables - (Queries)
  • backing-up database tables - (Backup)

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