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CIGAL Reference Manual, Chapter 9 (Troubleshooting): StartCrash

Troubleshooting -- CIGAL crashes immediately on startup

Problem: CIGAL crashes immediately when you try to start it

Cause: The problem may be that you do not have write permission in the folder you are attempting to work from.

Solution: The recommended way to start CIGAL is to copy a “StartCIGAL” shortcut from CIGAL's program folder into your own folder where you want to run your tasks. Double clicking the shortcut in your own folder will start CIGAL there and ensure that it loads your startup configuration and settings files, will find your task files, and will save your output data where you want it.

Note: This crashing bug should have been fixed already but seems to have reappeared. If you experience this problem please report it so we can find and purge it for good.

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