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JVS Utilities: DMWRITE

DMWRITE -- Write data management (DM) archive file

usage: dmwrite dmfile infile rtype hdrtxt wsiz nx ny nz nt [options]

DMWRITE appends data to a DM format data archive file, creating the file if it doesn't already exist.

RTYPE is the record type, any value > 0.
NOTE: For commonly used archive files (e.g. CIGAL “pdigm” files, fScan surface files), many RTYPE values have standardized meanings. Programs find data automatically by RTYPE value.

OPTIONS can appear anywhere in the command line. They can be:

  -h      Replace existing header with INFILE; no data transferred.
  -R [N]  Relabel old (existing) record RTYPE to RTYPE+N (default: N=500)
  -abcd   Create file with little byte first byte order.
  -dcba   Create file with big byte first byte order.
          (byte order is ignored if appending to existing file).
  -f      DM file only contains header and pointer to data file
          (default is to put both header and data into DM file).
  -A      Append only; don't create the file if it doesn't exist.
  -vN     Verbose flag -- print diagnostic messages.

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