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fScan Reference Manual, Chapter 2 (CmdLineOptions): InVivo

Table InVivo -- Special case InVivo data tables

usage: * -table invivo TBLNAME 1 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 2 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 3 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 4 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 5 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 6 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 7 NAME
* -table invivo TBLNAME 8 NAME

The TABLE INVIVO command is used for manipulating tables associated with data files on an InVivo DynaSuite image processing system. This is a special case addition to fScan's standard Table command.

TBLNAME is the name of the data table being manipulated. In general this table should already exist (i.e., created by a previous Table command).


  • 1 - make study table. Look for subdirs names Study#{…} in dir NAME
  • 2 - make series table. NAME is DCM dir, look for subdirs named Series{…}
  • 3 - make dicom table. Col 1 of TABLENAME contains DCM filenames in dir NAME; get zpos, tpos from each
  • 4 - make imagedata table. Look for ImageData subdirs within dir NAM. Look for .data and .gvr files in each subdir
  • 5 - create bxh file NAME from dicom table
  • 6 - create bxh file's named NAME_num.bxh from imagedata table, where num is row num
  • 7 - create wdf file NAME from series table
  • 8 - create/add wdf file NAME from imagedata table

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